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Trump Administration
  Hannity  FOX News  March 28, 2017 7:39pm-7:44pm PDT

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back the obama administrations energy regulations. here with us is scott pruitt. i have been saying for years, we have all this natural gas and coal and oil underneath our feet and we are begging countries that hate us for our energy, the lifeblood of our economy. explain what this executive order will do and what it will for -- >> the president as you indicated signed an executive order and how wonderful it was to see a collection of coal miners from across the country stand behind the president as he signed that executive order. it was a message across the country, we are going to do exactly what you said, sean. make sure that we are good stewards of natural resources actually harvest and use those resources to bless the american people. we sent a very progrowth,
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proenvironment message. that's what started today with the president's executive order. >> sean: let me ask. if you listen to the left especially al gore, this is the same al gore that i caught on a gulfstream three. one of the least energy efficient models of private aircraft in the sky. it sleeps 15 or 16. he got into his private limo. he recently suggested that the civil war in syria and brexit are caused by climate change. how do you answer this insanity? >> i think that is a keyword, sean. there has been a lack of common sense. a lack of sanity with respect with how we've done regulations in the last couple years. the environmental protection agency worked with states across the country to advance an environmental agenda that was about clean air and clean water but it also understood that we
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did not need to be antagonistic toward economic growth and jobs. we have seen a 65% reduction in air pollutants while at the same time, growing and economy. this past it administration made us put on jerseys and made us say if you are proenvironment, you are anti-energy. if your pro energy, you are anti-environment. the president is saying we are going to reject that narrative and have a different path forward. we will be progrowth and pro-jobs and proenvironment. will get back to epa original with them. advancing air and water quality but creating jobs. >> sean: many years ago, i was a contractor and i bought an old providence gas company van. it was the best $200 i have are spent my life. i fix that myself. i was able to do it. it was a vehicle that had a run -- this was back in the early '80s, it ran on natural gas.
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it runs cleaner than gasoline and we have more than the entire middle east has oil combined. to see america may be moving towards natural gas run vehicles? how much with the average american save in how many jobs will be created? >> i think it is happening. we are in the process of that technological resolution revol. she declared an end to the war on coal and fossil fuels. we have been blessed with a nation with natural gas. and the rest. that we use all forms of energy to generate electricity, so we can grow our manufacturing base, giving consumers the option with respect to fuel efficiency and choosing vehicles that are run on natural gas. a renewed focus. hydraulic fracking, making sure we take advantage of natural gas
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but also the last administration picked winners and losers. >> sean: how many millions of jobs will be created -- if we go with this all the above strategy, energy is the lifeblood of any economy. how many years would it take america to become fully energy independent and how many jobs will be created if we keep clean coal and natural gas and drilling and maybe even nuclear and new technologies that emerge as well? >> when you think about it, the keystone pipeline. what is great about what the president did today is it is going to unleash an american spirit with respect to energy innovation in the transportation network, and for -- >> sean: can you guess how many jobs will be created? >> you can't because of the manufacturing base that will be reinvigorated. the coal miners that were at the epa meeting today, they heard
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the president speak and were very emotional. their industry has been under assault for many years. for the first time in a long time, there is optimism and hope, it will create jobs across all sectors of the economy because of what the president did today. >> sean: this is a big day. this may be probably the single biggest jumpstart to the economy up to date that the president did. a huge win. you will come under fire but do not worry, i'm sure the civil war in syria and b